RIDGID: A revolution in tools – a journey through time

Innovative beginnings

The RIDGID adventure began in the 1920s, a period marked by significant innovation. Its first products, notably heavy-duty pipe wrenches, quickly won the confidence of professionals thanks to their exceptional durability. This period laid the foundations for RIDGID’s commitment to quality and robustness.

Expansion and diversification

Over the decades, RIDGID has expanded its product range, introducing cutting-edge tool technologies. From threading machines to video inspection systems, each new product line has been designed with the same concern for quality and reliability. This expansion has enabled RIDGID to adapt to the changing needs of professionals in a variety of sectors.

The digital age and continuous innovation

With the advent of the digital age, RIDGID has embraced modern technologies to improve its tools. The integration of digital functionalities into traditional tools has increased their efficiency and precision, responding to growing market demands.

Commitment to the community and sustainable development

RIDGID doesn’t just produce tools; the company is also committed to sustainable development and community support initiatives. These efforts reflect the company’s philosophy of contributing positively to society while pursuing innovation.

Conclusion: A mark of trust that stands the test of time

The RIDGID story is that of a brand that has evolved while remaining true to its founding principles. Today, RIDGID continues to be a benchmark in the world of tools, synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability.

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