Discover Ridgid’s Micro CA-350 inspection camera

Versatility at the service of inspection

Ridgid’s Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera is the ultimate solution for visual inspection in confined spaces. Its versatility means it can be adapted to a variety of applications, from inspecting pipes to exploring hard-to-reach areas. Find out how this tool can simplify your daily work.

Advanced technical features

The Micro CA-350 features a high-resolution camera with built-in night vision, enabling you to inspect with precision even in dimly-lit environments. Its water- and shock-resistant design guarantees exceptional durability in the field. You’ll no longer be limited by working conditions.

Ease of use

Ridgid has designed this tool with the user in mind. Its user-friendly interface lets you navigate easily through captured images and videos. The device’s light weight makes it easy to carry, and its long-lasting battery ensures ample autonomy for extended inspections.

Simple capture and documentation

One of the most impressive features of the Micro CA-350 is its ability to capture high-quality images and video directly from the tool. You can document your inspections in the field and easily share your results with colleagues or customers.

A sound investment

Investing in Ridgid’s Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera is a wise choice for inspection professionals. Its versatility, robustness and ease of use make it an essential tool for ensuring the quality of your work. No more inaccessible areas.

Conclusion: Improve your efficiency with the Micro CA-350

At Iso-Ce, we know that the quality of the tools you use makes all the difference in your business. Ridgid’s Micro CA-350 Inspection Camera is a perfect example of the brand’s excellence. Invest in this tool to improve your efficiency, simplify your inspections and guarantee your customers’ satisfaction.

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